The inspiration

The idea of what Oishiithai is today started in Madrid, in 2008, where Pedro Lee and Min Chef met and suggested a different approach, an oriental restaurant but without the ties to a specific regional cuisine.

The idea is to make Asian cooking essences feasible to the European taste, in a similar way than was successfully applied in the Cafe Saigon restaurant, another Pedro Lee project in Madrid, San Sebastian and any other European city.

The beginings

In 2014 the project started while paying close attention to the important details. The venue, decoration, lighting and indeed the menu, were carefully analysed to provide a high end cooking offer in Bilbao.

Finally and after so many efforts, in 2015 the Oishiithai project is launched, an oriental restaurant where among others, Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai cooking essences are fused.

A clear sample of this fusion is the name itself."Oishii" means "delicious" in Japanese and the restaurant logo mixes two symbols, a typical Thai construction roof and the Japanese inspiration clouds in the bottom of the logo.


The outcome becomes a reality in a Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai influenced cuisine, where traditional ingredients and flavours are smoothly merged in a modern blend of culinary approaches.

Once the project has been consolidated as a reference in the Bilbao asian culinary offer, it is our commitment to keep innovating and offering a pleasant experience to all of our customers, applying top quality standards in our venues and creations.

We keep working on a daily basis, paying attention to details, listening to our customers to offering them a reason to come back again.